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Heroes for hireAlbums And Tracks
Life of the party
  1. Bright lights in paradise lyrics
  2. Come away with me
  3. If at first you don't succeed... use cheat codes lyrics
  4. I can't change the past, i locked my keys in the delorean lyrics
  5. Lights out lyrics
  6. Save me lyrics
  7. Soon this will be ours
  8. The boys you love to hate lyrics
  9. The calling lyrics
  10. We're just the footnote in someone else's love story
  11. Without a sound lyrics
  12. You can't spell stud without std
Lights out
  1. Bridges
  2. Forever chasing lyrics
  3. Lights out lyrics
  4. Memories lyrics
  5. Midnight lyrics
  6. Portraits lyrics
  7. Save me lyrics

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