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Hit the switchAlbums And Tracks
Domestic tranquility and social justice
  1. Anarcho-Syndicalist lyrics
  2. Aphasia lyrics
  3. Backed by theory lyrics
  4. Heavenly deception lyrics
  5. Imperial horizon lyrics
  6. Mind rape culture lyrics
  7. Mr. abrasive lyrics
  8. Nishtagea theory lyrics
  9. Operation northwoods lyrics
  10. Shift lyrics
  11. The march of dissent lyrics
  12. The wayside lyrics
Observing infinities
  1. Ample bright
  2. Ancient sunlight
  3. Coercion through public consumption
  4. Eat your death
  5. Galactic alchemy
  6. Last light
  7. Lone child
  8. Me and my friend rad
  9. Syndical proletariate
  10. The everfading afterglow
  11. The leader in generic punk brands
  12. Tidal wave
Other songs
  1. Righteous eyes turn red lyrics

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