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Action! drama! suspense!
  1. Bednotch and boomsticks lyrics
  2. Don't tell mama lyrics
  3. Hold fast lyrics
  4. How to break a heart lyrics
  5. Hush symphony lyrics
  6. Off limits lyrics
  7. Paper thin walls lyrics
  8. Sleepless in syracuse lyrics
  9. Stay gold, dennis hoffman, stay gold lyrics
  10. There's a lesson to be learned here lyrics
  11. The cause in all the candles lyrics
  12. Welcome to new york, now get a job lyrics
Build hearts from stars
  1. Bull in a china shop lyrics + video
  2. If only they knew lyrics
  3. I gave you my heart, you gave me a pacemaker lyrics
  4. I gotta see a thing about a girl lyrics
  5. Kid tested, mother approved lyrics
  6. Normal lyrics
  7. Side effects may include heartbreak and self loathing lyrics
  8. Stage dives and high fives lyrics
  9. Take my hand lyrics + video
  10. Tapdancer lyrics
  11. This situation lyrics
  12. You sure can't keep a secret lyrics
If this was a movie
  1. Home is a heartache lyrics + video
  2. Kansas city shuffle lyrics
  3. Let your fists do the talking lyrics + video
  4. Only you lyrics
  5. Roads where we're going we don't need roads! lyrics + video
  6. Short end of the stick lyrics

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