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live at the new orleans house berkeley ca sept 69
  1. Candy man
  2. Come back baby
  3. Death don't have no mercy
  4. Don't you leave me here
  5. How long blues
  6. Keep on truckin' lyrics
  7. Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
  8. Know you rider lyrics
  9. Never happen no more
  10. Sea child lyrics
  11. True religion lyrics
  12. Uncle sam blues lyrics
  13. Winin' boy blues
Steady as she goes
  1. Angel of darkness lyrics
  2. A little faster
  3. Children of zion
  4. Easy now revisited
  5. Goodbye to the blues
  6. If this is love, i want my money back
  7. Mama let me lay it on you
  8. Morning interrupted
  9. Second chances
  10. Smokerise journey
  11. Things that might have been
  12. Vicksburg stomp

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