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Isobel campbellAlbums And Tracks
  1. Come undone
  2. Cool water
  3. Eyes of green
  4. Get behind me
  5. Hawk
  6. Lately
  7. No place to fall
  8. Snake song
  9. Sunrise
  10. Time of the season
  11. To hell & back again
  12. We die and see beauty reign
  13. You won't let me down again
Milkwhite sheets
  1. Are you going to leave me lyrics
  2. Beggar, wiseman or thief lyrics
  3. Bird in the wood lyrics
  4. Cachel wood lyrics
  5. Hori horo lyrics
  6. James
  7. Loving hannah lyrics
  8. Milkwhite sheets
  9. Over the wheat and the barley
  10. O love is teasin' lyrics
  11. Reynardine lyrics
  12. Thursday's child lyrics
  13. Willow's song lyrics
  14. Yearning lyrics
Other songs
  1. (Do you wanna) come walk with me lyrics
  2. Amorino lyrics
  3. Are you going to leave me lyrics
  4. Ballad of the broken seas lyrics
  5. Beggar wiseman or thief lyrics
  6. Black mountain lyrics
  7. Cat's pyjamas lyrics
  8. Deus ibi est lyrics
  9. Dusty wreath lyrics
  10. Honey child what can i do lyrics
  11. It's hard to kill a bad thing
  12. Johnny come home lyrics
  13. Love for tomorrow lyrics
  14. Monologue for an old true love lyrics
  15. Nottamun town lyrics
  16. October's sky
  17. Poor butterfly
  18. Ramblin' man lyrics
  19. Revolver lyrics
  20. Saturday's gone lyrics
  21. Song for baby lyrics
  22. There is no greater gold lyrics
  23. The breeze whispered your name lyrics
  24. The circus is leaving town lyrics
  25. The false husband
  26. This land flows with milk lyrics
  27. Time is just the same lyrics
  28. Why does my head hurt so
Sunday at devil dirt
  1. Back burner lyrics
  2. Come on over (Turn me on) lyrics
  3. Keep me in mind sweetheart lyrics
  4. Sally don't you cry lyrics
  5. Salvation lyrics
  6. Seafaring song lyrics
  7. Shot gun blues lyrics
  8. Something to believe lyrics
  9. The flame that burns lyrics
  10. The raven lyrics
  11. Trouble lyrics
  12. Who built the road lyrics

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