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Devil is an angel too
  1. End of our road
  2. Homewrecker
  3. I'm feelin' good
  4. I'm gonna tear your playhouse down
  5. I want to do everything for you
  6. Save me
  7. Slipped, tripped and fell in love
  8. The devil is an angel too
  9. Turn your heart in my direction
  10. Walkin' in the sun
  11. Weeds like us
  12. Your love made a u-Turn
Other songs
  1. Ain't lost nothin' lyrics
  2. Do i move you lyrics
  3. Lost and lookin' lyrics
  4. One heart heartache lyrics
  5. You were never mine lyrics
What love will do
  1. Bitter pill
  2. Don't do it
  3. Fool me again
  4. Freedom is just beyond the door
  5. Get it, get it
  6. I'm glad you're mine
  7. I don't want you on my mind
  8. I want a love
  9. I won't be around
  10. One heartache too late
  11. Sometimes you got to gamble
  12. That's what love will make you do
  13. You sound pretty good

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