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JayhawksAlbums And Tracks
Hollywood town hall (Expanded edition)
  1. Clouds lyrics
  2. Crowded in the wings lyrics
  3. Keith and quentin lyrics
  4. Leave no cold
  5. Martin's song lyrics
  6. Mother trust you
  7. Nevada, california lyrics
  8. Settled down like rain lyrics
  9. Sister cry lyrics
  10. Take me with you (When you go) lyrics
  11. Two angels lyrics
  12. Up above my head lyrics
  13. Waiting for the sun lyrics
  14. Warm river
  15. Wichita lyrics
Mockingbird time
  1. Black-Eyed susan
  2. Cinnamon love
  3. Closer to your side
  4. Darkest hour
  5. Guilder annie
  6. Hey mr. man
  7. Hide your colors
  8. High water blues
  9. Mockingbird time
  10. Pouring rain at dawn
  11. She walks in so many ways
  12. Stand out in the rain
  13. Tiny arrows
  14. Touch the stars
Music from the north country the jayhawks anthology
  1. Ain't no end lyrics
  2. All the right reasons lyrics
  3. Angelyne lyrics
  4. Big star lyrics
  5. Blue lyrics
  6. Clouds lyrics
  7. I'd run away lyrics
  8. I'm gonna make you love me lyrics
  9. Martin's song lyrics
  10. Miss williams guitar lyrics
  11. Over my shoulder lyrics
  12. Save it for a rainy day lyrics
  13. Settled down like rain lyrics
  14. Smile lyrics
  15. Tailspin lyrics
  16. The man who loved life lyrics
  17. Trouble lyrics
  18. Two angels lyrics
  19. Waiting for the sun lyrics
  20. What led me to this town lyrics
The jayhawks
  1. Behind bars lyrics
  2. Cherry pie lyrics
  3. Falling star lyrics
  4. Good long time lyrics
  5. I'm not in prison lyrics
  6. King of kings lyrics
  7. Let the critics wonder lyrics
  8. Let the last night be the longest (Lonesome memory) lyrics
  9. Misery tavern lyrics
  10. People in this place on every side lyrics
  11. Sixpack on the dashboard lyrics
  12. The liquor store came first lyrics
  13. Tried true lyrics
Tomorrow the green grass (2 cd legacy edition)
  1. Ann jane lyrics
  2. Bad time lyrics
  3. Bloody hands
  4. Blue lyrics
  5. Blue from now on
  6. Cotton dress
  7. Hold me close
  8. I'd run away lyrics
  9. Last cigarette lyrics
  10. Miss williams' guitar lyrics
  11. Nothing left to borrow lyrics
  12. No place
  13. Over my shoulder lyrics
  14. Poor michaels boat
  15. Pray for me lyrics
  16. Precious time lyrics
  17. Ranch house in phoenix
  18. Real light lyrics
  19. Red's song lyrics
  20. See him on the street lyrics
  21. She picks the violets
  22. Sleep while you can
  23. Sweet hobo self
  24. Ten little kids lyrics
  25. Tomorrow the green grass lyrics
  26. Turn your pretty name around
  27. Two hearts lyrics
  28. Up above the river
  29. White shell road
  30. Won't be
  31. You and i (Ba-Ba-Ba)

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