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  1. An important relationship lesson
  2. A brief hello
  3. A hug from kiss
  4. A pile of pussy
  5. A tender moment with larry flynt
  6. Bombing etiquette
  7. Bonding with people sucks
  8. Brief chat with a heckler
  9. Britney's vagina
  10. Cum burns
  11. Eat my asshole
  12. F**k florida
  13. Gay guys rule
  14. Heather mills is a cunt on wheel
  15. I wish i f**ked jenna
  16. John edwards and abbreviations
  17. Meeting laura bush
  18. Nice baby
  19. One fat ass f**king lady
  20. One scary ass f**king black guy
  21. Penguins are assholes
  22. Poker playing dickheads
  23. Ron jeremy's giant cock
  24. Shave that f**king thing
  25. The bridge, lol
  26. What sex is that thing
  27. Women tell shitty stories

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