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John richAlbums And Tracks
For the kids
  1. For the kids lyrics
  2. Rescue me lyrics
  3. She's a butterfly
  4. Simplify
  5. Thank god for kids
  6. Where angels hang around
Other songs
  1. Another you lyrics
  2. Forever loving you lyrics
  3. I pray for you lyrics
  4. Shuttin' detroit down lyrics
Rich rocks
  1. Country done come to town
  2. Let somebody else drive
  3. Mack truck
  4. Texas
  5. You had me from hell no lyrics
  6. You rock me
Son of a preacher man
  1. Another you lyrics
  2. Drive myself to drink
  3. Everybody wants to be me lyrics
  4. I don't wanna lose your love lyrics
  5. I thought you'd never ask lyrics
  6. Preacher man lyrics
  7. Shuttin' detroit down lyrics
  8. The good lord and the man lyrics
  9. Trucker man lyrics
  10. Turn a country boy on lyrics
  11. Why does somebody always have to die lyrics

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