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Nasti muzik
  1. Ass talk
  2. Been the shit
  3. Be your lady lyrics
  4. Bitch bitch (Skit)
  5. F**k you and suck you (Skit)
  6. Geeked up
  7. Get it and go (Skit)
  8. Get out lyrics
  9. It's whatever lyrics
  10. It's whatever (Skit) lyrics
  11. I refuse (Skit)
  12. Like me lyrics
  13. My swag
  14. Nasti muzik lyrics
  15. Put that pussy on his ass
  16. Shit on me (Skit)
  17. Steer
  18. That's why they be haten
  19. What they do lyrics
  20. Whistle on it lyrics

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