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Denim on denim
  1. Balloon menagerie
  2. Bodies of fiction
  3. Bookish
  4. Drinking games lyrics
  5. End times
  6. Family night
  7. Haunt this house
  8. Hello, cruel world lyrics
  9. Insider trading (On outsider art)
  10. Model city
  11. party like it's 2012
  12. Write me a myth
Other songs
  1. Drinking games lyrics
  2. Hunting ghosts lyrics
  3. Kundera on the dance floor lyrics
  4. Love in the age of absurdity lyrics
  5. Step off the map & float lyrics
  6. The lonely projectionist lyrics
  7. Things we stole from vonnegut's grave lyrics
Summer of lust
  1. Anthem for a new canadia
  2. Be my juliette greco, paris 1949
  3. Generation handclap lyrics
  4. if raymond carver was born in the 90's
  5. Me, myself, and id
  6. Que sera sarah
  7. Regina i don't want to fight
  8. Reluctant readers make reluctant lovers
  9. The prime minister's daughter
  10. Treveller's digest

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