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A little more personal
  1. Beautiful life (La bella vita) lyrics
  2. Black hole lyrics
  3. Confessions of a broken heart (Daughter to father) lyrics + video
  4. Edge of seventeen lyrics
  5. Fastlane lyrics
  6. If it's alright lyrics
  7. If you were me lyrics
  8. I live for the day lyrics
  9. I want you to want me lyrics + video
  10. Little more personal lyrics
  11. My innocence lyrics
  12. Who loves you lyrics
Confessions of a teenage drama queen [Soundtrack]
  1. A day in the life lyrics
  2. Don't move on living for the city changes (Medley) lyrics
  3. Drama queen (That girl) lyrics
  4. What are you waiting for lyrics
  1. Anything but me lyrics
  2. Disconnected lyrics
  3. First lyrics + video
  4. Magnet lyrics
  5. Nobody till you lyrics
  6. Over lyrics + video
  7. Rumors - (Bonus track) lyrics + video
  8. Something i never had lyrics
  9. Speak lyrics + video
  10. Symptoms of you lyrics
  11. To know your name lyrics
  12. Very last moment in time lyrics
Spirit in the dark
  1. Bossy lyrics
  2. Playground
  3. Problem solver
  4. Spirit in the dark
  5. Washing my hands

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