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Gospels, spirituals and hymns
  1. A city called heaven lyrics
  2. A rusty old halo
  3. A satisfied mind lyrics
  4. Calvary lyrics
  5. Come on children, let's sing lyrics
  6. Dear lord, forgive
  7. Didn't it rain lyrics
  8. Elijah rock lyrics
  9. God put a rainbow in the sky
  10. Great gettin' up morning lyrics
  11. He's got the whole world in his hands (Live) lyrics
  12. His eye is on the sparrow lyrics
  13. I'm going to live the life i sing about in my song lyrics
  14. If i can help somebody lyrics
  15. If i could hear my mother pray again
  16. If we never needed the lord before (We sure do need him now)
  17. In my home over there
  18. In the upper room lyrics
  19. It is well with my soul
  20. I found the answer lyrics
  21. I will move on up a little higher lyrics
  22. Jesus met the woman at the well
  23. Joshua fit the battle of jericho lyrics
  24. Keep your hand on the plow lyrics
  25. My god is real (Yes, god is real) lyrics
  26. Nobody knows the trouble i've seen lyrics
  27. Roll, jordan, roll
  28. Search me lord
  29. Take my hand, precious lord lyrics
  30. The christian's testimony
  31. Trouble of the world lyrics
  32. Walk on by faith lyrics
  33. Walk over god's heaven lyrics
  34. What a friend we have in jesus lyrics
  35. Without god i could do nothing
  36. You must be born again lyrics

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