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Maria lawsonEmotional Rollercoaster
Track : Breaking me down

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Verse 1
Thought we had something quite unusual
We never held back anything
When its good you know its beautiful
It seems like both of us have changed

I feel it slipping away
and everythings so mundane
Im lying next to your pain
(Im lying next to your pain)

Your kisses don't feel the same
and we've got nothing to say
we've both made stupid mistakes
its ok

Baby its alright
I won't spent the night
Take back the key

You don't have to say
I won't ask to stay
I'd rather leave, than be like this
Its Breaking me down inside
and you shouldnt have to lie
Your breaking me down inside

It's all becoming so unbearable
The empty hugs and shallow smile
Maybe im just a little insecure
Intimacy had been a while

Its not that I haven't tried
and baby you know i've cried
How can we salvage the day
(How can we salvage the day)
I still remember your touch
Some how I miss you so much
but at the end of the day
its ok


Middle 8
Please don't say another word
don't say it
Its breaking me down
Its Breaking me down

Chorus out

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