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Hospital music
  1. 99 percent of us is failure lyrics
  2. A single explosion lyrics
  3. Black helicopter lyrics
  4. Born losers lyrics
  5. Champions of nothing lyrics
  6. Girl wedged under the front of a firebird lyrics
  7. I'm a window lyrics
  8. I am not safer than a bank lyrics
  9. Metal airplanes lyrics
  10. Moon over marin lyrics
  11. Odette lyrics
  12. She's in it for the money lyrics
  13. The boy come home lyrics
  14. The devil's in your details lyrics
  15. True love will find you in the end lyrics
Lights of endangered species
  1. Extraordinary fades
  2. How it goes
  3. In a place of lesser men
  4. Lights of endangered species
  5. Non populus
  6. Set me on fire
  7. Shallow's low
  8. What if i can't see the stars mildred
  9. Zero orchestra

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