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Mavis staplesAlbums And Tracks
Live hope at the hideout
  1. Circle intro
  2. Down in mississippi
  3. Eyes on the prize lyrics
  4. For what it's worth
  5. Freedom highway
  6. I'll take you there
  7. On my way lyrics
  8. This little light
  9. Wade in the water
  10. Waiting for my child
  11. We shall not be moved lyrics
  12. Why am i treated so bad lyrics
  13. Will the circle be unbroken
Other songs
  1. 5 minutes strong lyrics
  2. A house is not a home lyrics
  3. Crusader lyrics
  4. Dictatorship vs democracy (Dvd) lyrics
  5. Impressionable lyrics
  6. Red brush strokes wave goodbye lyrics
  7. Remember samme jenkins lyrics
  8. Rise of the robots lyrics
  9. The songwriter lyrics
We'll never turn back
  1. 99 and 1-2 lyrics
  2. Down in mississippi
  3. Eyes on the prize lyrics
  4. I'll be rested
  5. In the mississippi river
  6. Jesus is on the main line
  7. My own eyes
  8. On my way lyrics
  9. This little light of mine
  10. Turn me around
  11. We'll never turn back
  12. We shall not be moved lyrics
You are not alone
  1. Creep along moses
  2. Don't knock
  3. Downward road
  4. In christ there is no east or west
  5. I belong to the band hallelujah
  6. Last train
  7. Losing you
  8. Only the lord knows
  9. Too close to heaven
  10. We re gonna make it
  11. Wonderful savior
  12. Wrote a song for everyone
  13. You are not alone

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