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luz solar 2 - the king is back
  1. Activate (Feat. guelo star)
  2. Balas locas (Feat. polaco y n.O.T.T.Y.)
  3. Bomberos
  4. Confusion (Feat. guelo star)
  5. Dance for me
  6. Gangsta love (Feat. mikey perfecto)
  7. Get low (Feat. casper y fen-X)
  8. Llego el cejon (Intro)
  9. Quien tiene mas flow
  10. Running
  11. Sex, money, drugs, guns
  12. Shalalalalon
  13. Sometimes (Feat. gastam)
  14. We ready (Feat. yamo)
  15. What's my name
  16. Work your body (Feat. pj y kat)

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