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Michael forrestAlbums And Tracks
Majectical electical
  1. Anger belly
  2. A put anotha bread in me bread bin
  3. Bumpy bosbo
  4. Dreaming of polygamy
  5. go columbo in 1997
  6. Half blank face
  7. Horoskope
  8. Klanguku
  9. Klanguku brucu
  10. Looks like riggiddy rain
  11. Nephew get it on
  12. Some day full track
  13. Song of technology
  14. The waltz
  15. Why you want a record deal
Psychogenic fugue state
  1. Ambient bickering -- tramp banter
  2. Black hole
  3. Blow up inside
  4. I can't remember (Feat. ruth forrest)
  5. I said i love you (Feat. lina)
  6. I wish i could make it all go away
  7. Look it doesn't have to be this way (Feat. dewex)
  8. Maybe when you're asleep
  9. New text document
  10. No one ever told me (Feat. dewex)
  11. Selection rejection - rejection
  12. She wanted me to stop
  13. Sing the truth (Once more with feeling) (Feat. lina)
  14. The thumping cadence of the engines
  15. Why's the something wrong with you

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