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Michael franti and spearheadAlbums And Tracks
  1. Everybody ona move lyrics
All rebel rockers
  1. All i want is you lyrics
  2. A little bit of riddim lyrics + video
  3. Have a little faith lyrics
  4. Hey world (Don't give up version) lyrics
  5. Hey world (Remote control version) lyrics + video
  6. High low
  7. Into the sun (Dub version)
  8. I got love for you lyrics
  9. Life in the city lyrics
  10. Nobody right nobody wrong lyrics
  11. Rude boys back in town lyrics
  12. Say hey (I love you) lyrics
  13. Soundsystem
  14. The future lyrics
Everyone deserves music
  1. Bomb the world lyrics
  2. Bomb the world (Armageddon version) lyrics
  3. Crazy, crazy, crazy lyrics
  4. Everyone deserves music lyrics
  5. Feelin' free lyrics
  6. Love, why did you have to go away lyrics
  7. Love invincible lyrics
  8. Never too late lyrics
  9. Pray for grace lyrics
  10. We don't stop lyrics
  11. What i be lyrics
  12. Yes i will lyrics
Other songs
  1. Everybody deserves music lyrics + video
  2. Hello bonjour lyrics + video
  3. I know i'm not alone lyrics + video
  4. Obama song lyrics + video
  5. Time to go home lyrics + video
Songs from the front porch
  1. Anybody seen my mind lyrics
  2. Closer to the sky lyrics
  3. Firefly lyrics
  4. Ganja babe lyrics
  5. Love'll set me free lyrics
  6. Love invincible lyrics
  7. Oh my god lyrics
  8. Sometimes lyrics
  9. Stay human lyrics
  10. Yes i will lyrics
Yell fire
  1. Yell fire lyrics

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