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My holiday
  1. Away in a manger
  2. Chestnuts roasting
  3. Come around lyrics
  4. Follow the shepherd home lyrics
  5. I'll be home for christmas
  6. It really is (A wonderful life) lyrics
  7. I know the reason lyrics
  8. My holiday lyrics
  9. Santa will find you lyrics
  10. Silver bells
  11. The christmas song
  12. What are you doing new year's eve
Stupid love
  1. Bad guy
  2. Couldn't stand the rain
  3. Disappointed
  4. Highs and lows
  5. If i didn't know any better lyrics
  6. Love chases after me lyrics
  7. Love lost
  8. Surface lyrics
  9. Take a holiday
  10. Telescope lyrics
  11. True love of mine lyrics
  12. What love can do
  13. What went wrong

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