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ForMy brightest diamond
My brightest diamondAlbums And Tracks
All things will unwind
  1. Be brave
  2. Ding dang
  3. Escape routes
  4. Everything is in line
  5. High low middle
  6. In the beginning
  7. I have never loved someone
  8. Reaching through to the other side
  9. She does not brave the war
  10. There's a rat
  11. We added it up
A thousand shark's teeth
  1. Apples lyrics
  2. Bass player lyrics
  3. Black and costaud lyrics
  4. From the top of the world lyrics
  5. Goodbye forever lyrics
  6. Ice and storm lyrics
  7. If i were queen lyrics
  8. Inside a boy lyrics
  9. Like a sieve lyrics
  10. The diamond lyrics
  11. To pluto's moon lyrics
Tear it down
  1. Disappear
  2. Dragonfly lyrics
  3. Freak out
  4. Golden star lyrics
  5. Gone away
  6. Magic rabbit
  7. Something of an end
  8. The good & the bad guy
  9. We were sparkling
  10. Workhorse

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