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Nada surfAlbums And Tracks
If i had a hi-Fi
  1. Bright side
  2. Bye bye beaute
  3. Electrocution
  4. Enjoy the silence
  5. Evolution
  6. I remembered what i was going to say
  7. Janine
  8. Love and anger
  9. Love goes on
  10. Question
  11. The agony of laffitte
  12. You were so warm
  1. Are you lightning lyrics
  2. Beautiful beat lyrics
  3. Everyone's on tour lyrics
  4. From now on lyrics
  5. Here goes something lyrics
  6. Ice on the wing lyrics
  7. I like what you say lyrics
  8. I wanna take you home lyrics
  9. See these bones lyrics
  10. The film did not go 'round lyrics
  11. The fox lyrics
  12. Weightless lyrics
  13. Whose authority lyrics
The weight is a gift
  1. All is a game lyrics
  2. Always love lyrics
  3. Armies walk lyrics
  4. Blankest year lyrics
  5. Comes a time lyrics
  6. Concrete bed lyrics
  7. Do it again lyrics
  8. Imaginary friends lyrics
  9. In the mirror lyrics
  10. What is your secret lyrics
  11. Your legs grow lyrics

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