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Nanci griffithAlbums And Tracks
  1. Bad seed
  2. Bethlehem steel
  3. Come on up mississippi
  4. Davey's last picture
  5. Hell no (I'm not alright)
  6. High on a mountain top
  7. If i could only fly
  8. Intersection
  9. Just another morning here
  10. Never going back
  11. Stranded in the high ground
  12. Waiting on a dark eyed gal
Other songs
  1. Anyone can be somebody's fool lyrics
  2. Cold hearts - closed minds lyrics
  3. Gulf coast highway lyrics
  4. It's a hard life wherever you go lyrics
  5. I knew love lyrics + video
  6. Late night grande hotel lyrics
  7. Lone star state of mind lyrics
  8. Never mind lyrics
  9. Once in a very blue moon lyrics
  10. These days in an open book lyrics
  11. This heart lyrics
  12. Trouble in the fields lyrics
  13. Well...All right
  1. Brave companion of the road lyrics
  2. Drive-In movies and dashboard lights lyrics
  3. If wishes were changes lyrics
  4. It's a hard life wherever you go lyrics
  5. I don't want to talk about love
  6. Leaving the harbor lyrics
  7. Listen to the radio lyrics
  8. Radio fragile lyrics
  9. Storms
  10. You made this love a teardrop lyrics
The loving kind
  1. Across america lyrics
  2. Cotton lyrics
  3. Money changes everything lyrics
  4. Not innocent enough lyrics
  5. One of these days lyrics
  6. Party girl lyrics
  7. Pour me a drink lyrics
  8. Sing lyrics
  9. Still life lyrics
  10. Tequila after midnight lyrics
  11. The loving kind lyrics
  12. Things i don't need lyrics
  13. Up against the rain lyrics

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