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Noel gallagher's high flying birds
  1. (I wanna live in a dream in my) record machine lyrics
  2. (Stranded on) the wrong beach lyrics
  3. Aka... broken arrow
  4. Aka... what a life! lyrics
  5. A simple game of genius
  6. Dream on lyrics
  7. Everybody's on the run lyrics
  8. If i had a gun... lyrics
  9. It's never too late to be what u might have been
  10. Soldier boys and jesus freaks lyrics
  11. Stop the clocks lyrics
  12. The death of you and me lyrics
Other songs
  1. To be someone lyrics
The dreams we have as children
  1. (It's good) to be free lyrics
  2. All you need is love lyrics
  3. Cast no shadow lyrics
  4. Don't go away lyrics
  5. Don't look back in anger lyrics
  6. Fade away lyrics
  7. Half the world away lyrics
  8. Listen up lyrics
  9. Married with children lyrics
  10. Sad song lyrics
  11. Slide away lyrics
  12. Talk tonight lyrics
  13. There is a light that never goes out lyrics
  14. The butterfly collector lyrics
  15. The importance of being idle lyrics
  16. Wonderwall lyrics

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