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Of montrealAlbums And Tracks
Aldhil's arboretum
  1. A question for emily foreman lyrics
Coquelicot asleep in the poppies
  1. A dreamy day of daydreaming of you lyrics
False priest
  1. Around the way lyrics
  2. Casualty of you lyrics
  3. Coquet coquette lyrics
  4. Enemy gene lyrics
  5. Famine affair lyrics
  6. Girl named hello lyrics
  7. Godly intersex lyrics
  8. Hydra fancies lyrics
  9. I feel ya' strutter lyrics
  10. Like a tourist lyrics
  11. Our riotous defects lyrics
  12. Sex karma lyrics
  13. You do mutilate lyrics
Hissing fauna are you the destroyer
  1. A sentence of sorts in kongsvinger lyrics
Horse and elephant eatery (No elephants allowed)
  1. The singles and songles album lyrics
Paralytic stalks
  1. Authentic pyrrhic remission
  2. Dour percentage
  3. Exorcismic breeding knife
  4. Gelid ascent
  5. Malefic dowery
  6. Spiteful intervention
  7. We will commit wolf murder
  8. Wintered debts lyrics
  9. Ye, renew the plaintiff
Satanic panic in the attic
  1. An epistle to a pathological creep lyrics
Skeletal lamping
  1. And i've seen a bloody shadow lyrics
  2. An eluardian instance lyrics
  3. Beware our nubile miscreants lyrics
  4. Death is not a parallel move lyrics
  5. For our elegant caste lyrics
  6. Gallery piece lyrics
  7. Id engager lyrics
  8. Mingusings lyrics
  9. Nonpareil of favor lyrics
  10. Plastis wafers lyrics
  11. St. exquisite's confessions lyrics
  12. Touched something's hollow lyrics
  13. Triphallus, to punctuate! lyrics
  14. Wicked wisdom lyrics
  15. Women's studies victims lyrics
The gay parade
  1. Advice from a divorced gentleman to his bachelor friend considering marriage lyrics
  2. A collection of poems about water lyrics
  3. A man's life flashing before his eyes while he and his wife drive off a cliff into the ocean lyrics

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