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Absence makes the heart grow fungus
  1. An anxious shrewdness in the veins
  2. A story teeth rotted for
  3. City dreams inside a truck
  4. Hands tied to the roots of a hemorrhage
  5. Mood swings
  6. Of ankles to stone
  7. Seeth of cloudless hymstone
  8. Sex, consolation for misery
  9. Tied prom digs on the docks
  1. At the push of a button
  2. A device imagined to turn
  3. Bells at the slipstream
  4. Dead hisses to match our own
  5. Dispanec triage
  6. Good is repaid with evil
  7. Hands vs. helix
  8. Panta section
  9. Screaming babies inside out
Minor cuts and scrapes in the bushes ahead
  1. Atrotecism fenleon
  2. A pinching invention
  3. Devouring a sibling
  4. Electrodorphines
  5. Pawn shop blues
  6. Sliding in and out of a laceration
  7. Solenoid mosque
  8. Thankless serpent
  9. Trident resting on the pulse
  10. White paint white meat
  11. Work on motors
Old money
  1. 1921
  2. Family war funding (Love those rothschilds)
  3. How to bill the bilderberg group
  4. I like the rockefellers' first two records, but after that...
  5. Old money
  6. Population council's wet dream
  7. Private fortunes
  8. The power of myth
  9. Trilateral commission as dinner guests
  10. Vipers in the bosom
Omar rodriguez-Lopez and jeremy michael ward
  1. A tightrope supports our festering
  2. Gidi prime
  3. Heathrow waltz
  4. Host to fairweather friends
  5. Impoverished beliefs
  6. Improvised beliefs
  7. Salvo
  8. Sounder of tame swine
  9. Swell the ranks
  10. Swiss armor tank
  11. Untitled

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