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Deliveries after dark
  1. 2nd avenue shuffle
  2. Deliveries after dark
  3. Grown man crying blues
  4. I'll piss on your grave
  5. Let the music set you free
  6. Man of the blues
  7. Money isn't everything (It's the only thing)
  8. Oh rock and roll you heartless bitch
  9. Sally likes to run
  10. Theme from the godfather
  11. Woman in my bed dub
  12. You can't stop love
  13. You never loved me
The essential
  1. Another ten years gone
  2. Back in my baby's arms
  3. Daddy played the guitar and mama was a disco queen
  4. Deliveries after dark
  5. Grown man crying blues
  6. Hallelujah
  7. Hey joe
  8. How'd a white boy get the blues
  9. If the diesel don t get you then the jet fuel will
  10. Keep on the sunnyside of life
  11. Life is a beatdown
  12. Like the buddha do
  13. Slide devil man slide
  14. Somebody let the devil out
  15. Sweet goddess of love & beer
  16. The fight is on
The fight is on
  1. Ace of spades
  2. Greedy for gold
  3. Holes
  4. It's over
  5. Locked in a memory
  6. nyc 1977 til...
  7. Rock & roll is my religion
  8. Sleephorse serenace
  9. The fight is on
  10. The right time
  11. We got some rocking to do
  12. Wicked wanda
Vicious country
  1. Act naturally
  2. Baby you don't care
  3. Break me down
  4. Harper valley p.T.A.
  5. I'll fly away (I shall not be moved)
  6. Meaner than sam lays pistol
  7. Race with the devil
  8. Satan is real (Straight to hell)
  9. Six days on the road
  10. Sleepwalk
  11. Start all over again
  12. Tonight the bottle let me down
  13. You put the smile on the face of my mona lisa tattoo

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