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Quincy jones explores the music of henry mancini
  1. (I love you and) don't you forget it
  2. Baby elephant walk
  3. Bird brain
  4. Charade
  5. Days of wine and roses
  6. Dreamsville lyrics
  7. Moon river
  8. Mr. lucky
  9. Odd ball
  10. Peter gunn
  11. Pink panther theme
  12. Soldier in the rain lyrics
Q soul bossa nostra
  1. Betcha wouldn't hurt me
  2. Everything must change lyrics
  3. Get the funk out of my face
  4. Give me the night lyrics
  5. Hikky-Burr
  6. Ironside
  7. It's my party lyrics
  8. Many rains ago (Oluwa)
  9. P.Y.T. (Pretty young thing) lyrics
  10. Sanford and son
  11. Soul bossa nostra
  12. strawberry letter 23 lyrics
  13. The secret garden
  14. Tomorrow
  15. You put a move on my heart

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