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Reel big fishAlbums And Tracks
Duet all night long
  1. Ask lyrics
  2. Don't you want me
  3. Dress you up lyrics
  4. It's not easy lyrics
  5. Lyin' ass bitch lyrics
  6. Say say say
Fame, fortune and fornication
  1. Authority song lyrics
  2. Brown eyed girl lyrics
  3. Keep a cool head lyrics
  4. Mama we're all crazy now lyrics
  5. Monkey man lyrics
  6. Nothing but a good time lyrics
  7. Talk dirty to me lyrics
  8. The long run lyrics
  9. Twist and crawl lyrics
  10. Veronica sawyer lyrics
  11. Won't back down lyrics
Monkeys for nothin' and the chimps for free
  1. Another day in paradise lyrics
  2. Another f.U. song lyrics
  3. Call you lyrics
  4. Cannibal lyrics
  5. Everybody's drunk lyrics
  6. Hate you lyrics
  7. I'm her man lyrics
  8. Live your dream lyrics
  9. My imaginary friend lyrics
  10. Party down lyrics + video
  11. Please don't tell her i have a girlfriend lyrics
  12. Slow down lyrics
  13. The new version of you lyrics
  14. Til i hit the ground lyrics
  15. Way back lyrics
  16. Why do all girls think they're fat lyrics
  17. Will the revolution come lyrics
Other songs
  1. Boys don't cry lyrics
  2. In the pit lyrics
  3. Jig lyrics
  4. Monkey man lyrics
  5. Rave-O-Lution lyrics
  6. Sell out lyrics + video
  7. So much for rock and roll lyrics
  8. Take on me lyrics + video
  9. Talkin' 'bout a revolution lyrics
  10. Uniform of destruction lyrics
  11. Unity lyrics
  12. We close our eyes lyrics
  13. Where have you been lyrics + video

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