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Ricky skaggsAlbums And Tracks
  1. A work of love
  2. Can't shake jesus
  3. Fire from the sky
  4. I'm awake now
  5. Instead
  6. Make god first
  7. Mosaic
  8. My cup runneth over
  9. Picture
  10. Return to sender
  11. Shepherd's voice
  12. Someday soon
  13. Spontaneous worship
  14. You'll find god
Solo (Songs my dad loved)
  1. Branded wherever i go lyrics
  2. Calloway
  3. City that lies foursquare
  4. Colonel prentiss
  5. Foggy river lyrics
  6. God holds the future in his hands
  7. Green pastures in the sky lyrics
  8. i had but 50 cents
  9. Little maggie lyrics
  10. Pickin' in caroline
  11. Sinners, you better get ready
  12. This world is not my home
  13. What is a home without love

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