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  1. If you only knew lyrics
Phenomenal ruthie foster
  1. 'cuz i'm here lyrics
  2. A friend like you lyrics
  3. Beaver creek blues
  4. Fruits of my labor lyrics
  5. Harder than the fall lyrics
  6. Heal yourself lyrics
  7. I don't know what to do with my heart lyrics
  8. Mama said lyrics
  9. People grinnin' in your face lyrics
  10. Phenomenal woman lyrics
  11. Up above my head (I hear music in the air) lyrics
The truth according to ruthie foster
  1. (You keep me) hangin' on lyrics
  2. Dues paid in full lyrics
  3. Joy on the other side lyrics
  4. Love in the middle lyrics
  5. Nickel and a nail lyrics
  6. Really love you lyrics
  7. Stone love lyrics
  8. Tears of pain lyrics
  9. Thanks for the joy lyrics
  10. Truth lyrics
  11. When it don't come easy lyrics

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