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Back to life
  1. Always on my mind
  2. Behind those words
  3. In a heartbeat lyrics
  4. I want you
  5. Just like breathing
  6. Never before
  7. Once in a lifetime lyrics
  8. put some 80ies in it
  9. R u feeling me
  10. Say love
  11. Tete a tete
  12. These moments
  13. The night is still young lyrics
  14. What if
  15. Who i am
The art of love
  1. All you zombies lyrics
  2. Casino royale
  3. Dear god... if you exist lyrics
  4. Love is the price
  5. Once upon a time
  6. Put your arms around me lyrics
  7. Shadow of power
  8. Silence beside me
  9. The art of love lyrics
  10. The way i am lyrics
  11. What's left to say
  12. What d'ya think of me lyrics
  13. What is it about me

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