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SmithereensAlbums And Tracks
  1. All the same
  2. As long as you are near me
  3. A world of our own
  4. Bring back the one i love
  5. Goodnight goodbye
  6. Keep on running
  7. Nobody lives forever
  8. One look at you
  9. Rings on her fingers
  10. Sorry
  11. Turn it around
  12. Viennese hangover
  13. What went wrong
B sides the beatles
  1. Ask me why lyrics
  2. Cry for a shadow
  3. I'll get you lyrics
  4. I'm happy just to dance with you lyrics
  5. If i fell lyrics
  6. I don't want to spoil the party lyrics
  7. P.Si love you lyrics
  8. Slow down lyrics
  9. Some other guy lyrics
  10. Thank you girl lyrics
  11. There's a place lyrics
  12. You can't do that lyrics
Live at the concert greatest hits and more
  1. Any other way
  2. A girl like you lyrics
  3. Batman theme
  4. Behind the wall of sleep lyrics
  5. Blood and roses lyrics
  6. Drown in my own tears lyrics
  7. Especially for you lyrics
  8. House we used to live in lyrics
  9. Miles from nowhere lyrics
  10. Only a memory lyrics
  11. Room without a view lyrics
  12. She's got a way lyrics
  13. Since you went away
  14. Spellbound lyrics
  15. Time and time again
  16. Top of the pops lyrics
  17. Well alright
  18. Yesterday girl lyrics
  1. Acid queen lyrics
  2. Amazing journey lyrics
  3. Christmas lyrics
  4. Eyesight to the blind
  5. Go to the mirror lyrics
  6. I'm free lyrics
  7. It's a boy lyrics
  8. Overture
  9. Pinball wizard lyrics
  10. Sensation lyrics
  11. Sparks
  12. Tommy can you hear me lyrics
  13. We're not gonna take it see me feel me

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