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Sophie ellis-BextorAlbums And Tracks
Read my lips
  1. By chance lyrics
  2. Everything falls into place lyrics
  3. Final move lyrics
  4. Get over you lyrics
  5. Groovejet (If this ain't love) lyrics
  6. Is it any wonder lyrics
  7. I believe lyrics
  8. Leave the others alone lyrics
  9. Lover lyrics
  10. Move this mountain lyrics
  11. Murder on the dancefloor lyrics
  12. Sparkle lyrics
  13. Take me home lyrics
  14. The universe is you lyrics
Shoot from the hip
  1. Another day lyrics
  2. Hello hello lyrics
  3. I am not good at not getting what i want lyrics
  4. I won't dance with you lyrics
  5. Making music lyrics
  6. Mixed up world lyrics
  7. Nowhere without you lyrics
  8. Party in my head lyrics
  9. Walls keep saying your name lyrics
  10. You get yours lyrics
Straight to the heart
  1. Bittersweet lyrics
  2. Can't fight this feeling lyrics
  3. Cut straight to the heart
  4. Dial my number
  5. Heartbreak
  6. Homewrecker
  7. Magic
  8. Not giving up on love
  9. Off and on lyrics
  10. Revolution
  11. Scene
  12. Starlight
  13. Synchronised
  14. Under your touch
Trip the light fantastic
  1. Can't have it all lyrics
  2. Catch you lyrics
  3. China heart lyrics
  4. If i can't dance lyrics
  5. If you go lyrics
  6. Love is here lyrics
  7. Me & my imagination lyrics
  8. New flame lyrics
  9. New york city lights lyrics
  10. Only one lyrics
  11. Supersonic lyrics
  12. The distance between us lyrics
  13. Today the suns on us lyrics
  14. What have we started lyrics

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