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In your dreams
  1. Annabel lee
  2. Cheaper than free lyrics
  3. Everybody loves you
  4. For what it's worth lyrics
  5. In your dreams lyrics
  6. Italian summer
  7. Moonlight -- a vampire's dream
  8. Secret love lyrics
  9. The ghosts are gone
  10. The soldier's angel
  11. Wide sargasso sea lyrics
  12. You may be the one
Other songs
  1. Blue denim lyrics
  2. Crystal lyrics
  3. Doing the best that i can lyrics
  4. Dreams lyrics
  5. Edge of seventeen lyrics
  6. Every day lyrics
  7. Gypsy lyrics
  8. Has anyone ever written anything for you lyrics
  9. If anyone falls lyrics
  10. If you ever did believe lyrics
  11. If you ever did belive lyrics
  12. I can't wait lyrics
  13. Leather and lace lyrics
  14. Long way to go lyrics
  15. Love's a hard game to play lyrics
  16. Maybe love will change your mind lyrics
  17. Nightbird lyrics
  18. Planets of the universe lyrics
  19. Rhiannon (Original version) lyrics
  20. Rhiannon (Version from the dance cd-Live) lyrics
  21. Rooms on fire lyrics
  22. Sara lyrics
  23. Silver springs lyrics
  24. Sisters of the moon lyrics
  25. Sometimes it's a bitch lyrics
  26. Sorcerer lyrics + video
  27. Stand back lyrics
  28. Stop draggin' my heart around lyrics
  29. Storms lyrics
  30. Talk to me lyrics
  31. Touched by an angel lyrics
  32. Two kinds of love lyrics
  33. Whole lotta trouble lyrics
The soundstage sessions
  1. Beauty and the beast lyrics
  2. Circle dance lyrics
  3. Crash
  4. Fall from grace lyrics
  5. How still my love lyrics
  6. If anyone falls in love lyrics
  7. Landslide lyrics
  8. Sara lyrics
  9. Sorcerer lyrics + video
  10. Stand back lyrics

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