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Track : Superstars

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Written by james young, dennis deyoung, tommy shaw
Lead vocals by tommy shaw and dennis deyoung

Youve read about me in the papers
Youve seen me on the movie screen
You know everything about me
Im your late night fantasy

But dont think I cant hear you calling
From the shadow of the 14th row
Cause Ive had the same dreams youve had
A few short years ago and thats why I know

You and i
We will climb so high
Whoa whoa you and i

And well just close our eyes
And well become our fantasy

Superstars yes, yes, superstars
Step right this way. everyones welcome,
We want your dreams.
The offers simple, momentary immortality

Cause Ive seen them all you know
Ive seen them climb and Ive seen them fall
Ive seen them come and Ive seen them go
And through it all theres only one thing that matters

Love - and thats simply
You and i
Yes, you and i
For we are superstars

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