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ForThe american life
The american lifeAlbums And Tracks
All the things i've grown to miss
  1. Americana
  2. Coming home lyrics
  3. Intro
  4. She told me lyrics
  5. Starvation is gluttony lyrics
  6. Stereo eyes lyrics
  7. Stereo eyes (Go west young man remix) lyrics
  8. The window lyrics
  9. The window (Acoustic)
  10. This is redemption lyrics
  11. Wait lyrics
  12. We are alive lyrics
  13. We are alive (Let's makeout remix)
  14. Words can only hurt me lyrics
I know, right
  1. Coming home lyrics
  2. End scene
  3. Static
  4. Thats life lyrics
  5. We are alive lyrics
Other songs
  1. She told me lyrics
  2. That's life lyrics

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