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ForThe builders and the butchers
The builders and the butchersAlbums And Tracks
Dead reckoning
  1. All away
  2. Black elevator
  3. Blood for you
  4. Cradle on fire
  5. Family tree
  6. It came from the sea
  7. I broke the vein
  8. Lullaby
  9. Moon is on the march
  10. Out of the mountain
  11. Rotten to the core
  12. We all know the way
Salvation is a deep dark well
  1. Barcelona
  2. Devil town
  3. Down in this hole
  4. Golden and green
  5. Hands like roots
  6. In the branches
  7. Raise up
  8. Short way home
  9. The wind has come lyrics
  10. The world is a top
  11. Vampire lake
The builders and the butchers
  1. Black dresses
  2. Bottom of the lake
  3. Bringing home the rain
  4. Find me in the air
  5. Night, pt. 1
  6. Red hands
  7. Slowed down trip to hell
  8. Spanish death
  9. Ten miles wide
  10. The coal mine fall
  11. The gallows
  12. The night, pt. 2

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