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The davenportsAlbums And Tracks
Hi-Tech lowlife
  1. Annette o' toole
  2. Avery girls
  3. A deadhead's lament
  4. Daisy to everyone
  5. Eric grey
  6. Everyone's talking about baseball
  7. Happy hour
  8. Hi-Tech lowlife
  9. Melissa now
  10. Whore for the holdiays
  11. You'll never know
  12. You're the only girl for me
Other songs
  1. Five steps lyrics
Speaking of the davenports
  1. All hands on her advances
  2. Dog run
  3. Five steps lyrics
  4. Girls night out
  5. Heather's a genius
  6. I'll come down
  7. Keep me far away from gary
  8. Nowhere after all
  9. Object in the mirror
  10. The whole way home
  11. Why should i bother
  12. You're on your own
Thinking about you, maryann (Ep)
  1. Don't cry mary
  2. Thinking about you, maryann
  3. Whore for the holidays
Why the great gallop
  1. Anything from amelia
  2. Christopher starts
  3. Don't cry mary
  4. Figure me out
  5. Figure me out reprise
  6. Girl i brought home
  7. Hanging out with dave
  8. Now is the time
  9. Something's gonna get us
  10. Thinking about you, maryann
  11. You're not comin' round
  12. You can't drink anymore

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