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ForThe fall of troy
The fall of troyAlbums And Tracks
In the unlikely event
  1. A classic case of transference
  2. Battleship graveyard
  3. Dirty pillow talk
  4. Empty the clip, the king has been slain, long live the queen!
  5. Nature vs. nurture
  6. Nobody's perfect
  7. Panic attack! lyrics
  8. People and their lives
  9. Single
  10. Straight-Jacket keelhauled
  11. Walk of fame
  12. Webs lyrics
  1. A man. a plan. a canal. panama. lyrics
  2. Caught up lyrics
  3. Cut down all the trees and name the streets after them lyrics
  4. Ex-Creations lyrics
  5. I just got this symphony goin' lyrics
  6. Oh! the casino! lyrics
  7. Problem! lyrics
  8. Quarter past lyrics
  9. Seattlantis lyrics
  10. Semi-Fiction lyrics
  11. Shhh!!! if you're quiet i'll show you a dinosaur lyrics
  12. Sledgehammer lyrics
  13. The dark trail lyrics
Other songs
  1. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. lyrics
  2. ghostship part 2 lyrics
  3. The vomiting winter lyrics
Phantom on the horizon
  1. chapter 1 introverting dimensions lyrics
  2. chapter 2 a strange conversation lyrics
  3. chapter 3 nostalgic mannerisms lyrics
  4. chapter 4 enter the black demon lyrics
  5. chapter 5 the walls bled lust lyrics

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