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The jeff burgess bandAlbums And Tracks
The album of total randomness!
  1. A really hot wire
  2. Empty gum wrapper
  3. finale act 1 mighty like a dandelion roar
  4. finale act 2 the burgundy book
  5. Fish & eating disorders
  6. Intermission
  7. I broke my spork lyrics
  8. I hate writing songs
  9. Kuhdoo! kuhdoo!
  10. Milkshake bazooka
  11. Mothering the mongoose
  12. My cowboy hat
  13. Novakovich!
  14. Pineapple kingdom
  15. Rollin' with mr. g
  16. Sara's song about cheese
  17. Sippin' cider
  18. Sittin' on a bench
  19. Socks
  20. Steppin' on moonbeams
  21. There goes tommy
  22. The 'thinking of a song' song
  23. The ballad of sharky and fishy
  24. This song is not a song

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