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ForThe secret machines
The secret machinesAlbums And Tracks
Now here is nowhere
  1. First wave intact lyrics
  2. Leaves are gone lyrics
  3. Light's on lyrics
  4. Nowhere again lyrics
  5. Now here is nowhere lyrics
  6. Pharoah's daughter lyrics
  7. Road leads where it's led lyrics
  8. Sad and lonely lyrics
  9. You are chains lyrics
Secret machines
  1. Atomic heels lyrics
  2. Have i run out
  3. I never thought to ask
  4. Last believer, drop dead lyrics
  5. Now you're gone
  6. The fire is waiting
  7. The walls are starting to crack
  8. Underneath the concrete
Ten silver drops
  1. 1,000 seconds lyrics
  2. All at once (It's not important) lyrics
  3. Alone, jealous and stoned lyrics
  4. Daddy's in the doldrums lyrics
  5. Faded lines lyrics
  6. I hate pretending lyrics
  7. I want to know lyrics
  8. Lightning blue eyes lyrics

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