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ForThe steep canyon rangers
The steep canyon rangersAlbums And Tracks
Deep in the shade
  1. Have mercy
  2. Heartbreak is real
  3. Hollerin' house
  4. I must be somebody else you've known
  5. I thought that she loved me
  6. Mourning dove
  7. Nowhere to lay low
  8. Shades of gray
  9. Sylvie
  10. There ain't no easy street
  11. The mountain's gonna sing
  12. Turn up the bottle
Lovin' pretty women
  1. Ain't no way of knowin'
  2. A ramblin' man is a ramblin' man
  3. Be still moses
  4. Call the captain
  5. Cumberland moon
  6. Desperate and blue
  7. Don't ease me in
  8. Kuykendall
  9. Lovin' pretty women
  10. New sleepy-Eyed john
  11. Pickin' on josh
  12. Pick up the blues

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