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The thermalsAlbums And Tracks
Desperate ground
  1. Born to kill lyrics
  2. Faces stay with me lyrics
  3. I go alone lyrics
  4. Our love survives lyrics
  5. The howl of the winds lyrics
  6. The sunset lyrics
  7. The sword by my side lyrics
  8. Where i stand lyrics
  9. You will be free lyrics
  10. You will find me lyrics
Now we can see
  1. At the bottom of the sea lyrics
  2. How we fade lyrics
  3. I called out your name lyrics
  4. I let it go lyrics
  5. Liquid in, liquid out lyrics
  6. Now we can see lyrics
  7. We were sick lyrics
  8. When i died lyrics
  9. When i was afraid lyrics
  10. When we were alive lyrics
  11. You dissolve lyrics
Other songs
  1. A pillar of salt lyrics
  2. Now we can see lyrics
  3. No culture icons lyrics
  4. Returning to the fold lyrics

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