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Tommy james and the shondellsAlbums And Tracks
  1. Crystal blue persuasion lyrics
40th anniversary singles collection
  1. Adrienne
  2. Ball and chain
  3. Ball of fire lyrics
  4. Boo, boo, don't cha be blue
  5. Calico
  6. Cat's eye in the window
  7. Celebration
  8. Church street soul revival
  9. Come to me
  10. Comin home
  11. Crimson and clover lyrics
  12. Crystal blue persuasion lyrics
  13. Do something to me
  14. Draggin' the line lyrics
  15. Gettin together lyrics
  16. Get out now
  17. Glory
  18. Go
  19. Gotta get back to you
  20. Hanky panky lyrics
  21. Hold the fire
  22. Isn't that the guy
  23. It's only love lyrics
  24. I like the way lyrics
  25. I love christmas
  26. I love you love me love
  27. I think we're alone now lyrics
  28. Long pony tail
  29. Love is gonna find a way
  30. Love song
  31. Love words
  32. Mirage lyrics
  33. Mony mony lyrics
  34. Nothing to hide
  35. Out of the blue
  36. Say i am (What i am)
  37. Say please
  38. She lyrics
  39. Somebody cares
  40. Sweet cherry wine lyrics
  41. Tell em willie boy s a-Comin
  42. Three times in love
  43. Tighter, tighter lyrics
  44. Who do you love
  45. You got me
  46. You re so easy to love
  47. You take my breath away

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