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Tracy nelsonAlbums And Tracks
Essential recordings the soul sessions
  1. Come see about me
  2. God's song
  3. Hold on i'm coming
  4. Holiday
  5. See saw
  6. She's taking my part
  7. Suddenly
  8. Tears
  9. Tightrope
  10. Walk away
Victim of the blues
  1. Feel so bad lyrics
  2. Howlin' for my baby lyrics
  3. I know it's a sin lyrics
  4. Lead a horse to water
  5. One more mile lyrics
  6. Shoot my baby lyrics
  7. Stranger in my own home town lyrics
  8. The love you save lyrics
  9. Victim of the blues
  10. Without love lyrics
  11. You'll be mine lyrics
You'll never be a stranger at my door
  1. Cow cow boogie lyrics
  2. Four walls
  3. I never loved anyone more lyrics
  4. I still miss someone lyrics
  5. I wonder if i care as much lyrics
  6. New way out
  7. Oh lonesome me lyrics
  8. Stranger at my
  9. Thanks a lot
  10. The salt of the earth
  11. Three bells lyrics

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