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VastAlbums And Tracks
  1. Dedicate (A place for me) lyrics
  2. Everything passing by lyrics
  3. Frog
  4. I'm too good lyrics
  5. Is it me
  6. I am a vampire lyrics
  7. One more day lyrics
  8. She visits me lyrics
  9. Sunday i'll be gone lyrics
  10. Take me with you
  11. Tattoo of your name
  12. You're too young lyrics
Me and you
  1. Everything has changed
  2. Here's to all the people i have lost
  3. Hotel song
  4. I'm afraid of you
  5. It's not you (It's me)
  6. I thought by now
  7. She found out
  8. Until i die
  9. You're the same
  10. You are the one lyrics
  11. You destroy me
  12. You should have know i'd leave
  1. Japanese fantasy lyrics

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