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William fitzsimmonsAlbums And Tracks
  1. Goodmorning (Pink ganter remix)
  2. If you would come back home
  3. I don't feel it anymore lyrics
  4. I kissed a girl
  5. So this is goodbye
  6. So this is goodbye (Pink ganter remix)
  7. You still hurt me
Gold in the shadow
  1. Beautiful girl lyrics
  2. Bird of winter prey lyrics
  3. Bird of winter prey (Acoustic version)
  4. Blood and bones
  5. By my side
  6. Ever could
  7. Fade and then return lyrics
  8. Fade and then return (Acoustic version)
  9. From the water
  10. Gold in shadow
  11. Let you break
  12. Psychasthenia
  13. Psychasthenia (Acoustic version)
  14. The tide pulls from the moon lyrics
  15. The tide pulls from the moon (Acoustic version)
  16. The winter from her leaving lyrics
  17. Tied to me
  18. Tied to me (Acoustic version)
  19. What hold
  20. Wounded head
Other songs
  1. Covered in snow lyrics
The sparrow and the crow
  1. After afterall lyrics
  2. Even now lyrics
  3. Find me to forgive
  4. Further from you lyrics
  5. Goodmorning
  6. If you would come back home
  7. I don't feel it anymore lyrics
  8. Just not each other lyrics
  9. Please forgive me
  10. They'll never take the good years
  11. We feel alone lyrics
  12. You still hurt me
Until when we are ghosts
  1. Candy
  2. Find it in me lyrics
  3. Forsake all others
  4. Funeral dress
  5. Kylie
  6. My life changed
  7. Passion play
  8. Problem of pain
  9. Shattered
  10. When i come home
  11. When you were young

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