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I believe in you. your magic is real.
  1. Drawing in the dark lyrics
  2. If music could cure all that ails you
  3. It's all the same price lyrics
  4. It's coming to get you lyrics
  5. I believe in you lyrics
  6. Platinum lyrics
  7. See a penny (Pick it up) lyrics
  8. So post all 'em lyrics
  9. The magic beat lyrics
  10. We're always waiting lyrics
  11. Women of the world lyrics
  12. Your magic is real lyrics
See mystery lights
  1. Don't fight the darkness lyrics
  2. I'm in love with a ripper lyrics
  3. I'm in love with a ripper (Party mix)
  4. It's boring-You can live anywhere you want
  5. Psychic city (Version)
  6. Psychic city (Voodoo city) lyrics
  7. Ring the bell lyrics
  8. Summer song lyrics
  9. The afterlife lyrics
  10. We have all we ever wanted lyrics
  1. Beam me up
  2. Dystopia
  3. Holy roller
  4. I walked alone
  5. Love in the dark
  6. One step
  7. Paradise engineering
  8. Par­Adise engi­Neer­Ing
  9. Shangri-La
  10. Tripped & fell in love
  11. Utopia

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