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Bitch Slap (2010)

Genre: action

Cast: Julia Voth, Erin Cummings, America Olivo, Ron Melendez, Scott Hanley, Dennis Keiffer

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Release date: 08 Jan 10

Synopsis of Bitch Slap

Bitch Slap is an upcoming 2009 action film about three women who try to extort $200 million from a ruthless underworld kingpin. The film was directed by Rick Jacobson, and stars Julia Voth, Erin Cummings, America Olivo and Michael Hurst, with cameos by Lucy Lawless, Kevin Sorbo, and Renée O'Connor, and is described as "a post-modern, thinking man's throwback to the 'B' Movie/Exploitation films of the 1950s–70s as well as a loving, sly parody of the same."

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Comic-Con 2008 Exclusive: Julia Voth and Erin Cummings
We go one-on-one with actresses Julia Voth and Erin Cummings to talk Bitch Slap at Comic-Con 2008.

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